How to Make Yourself Irresistible In a Room Full of Rich, Older Men: Part 1

It was a full moon—the first one in three years. My sugar daddy, the Stet­son man, and I were attend­ing the Christie’s auc­tion and he was still on a high from pur­chas­ing yet another high priced piece. As we walked around the gallery, you could see all of the who’s who of the art world. There were celebri­ties, musi­cians, famous artists, and pho­tog­ra­phers in the gallery—and those were just the ones that I rec­og­nized. This auc­tion attracted buy­ers from Europe, the Mid­dle East, and China.

My Stet­son man loved art, but it became pretty clear that he also wanted to show me off. It seems that rich, older men love to brag about who’s on their arm. I was the prize and he was so proud. You could see the acknowl­edge­ment by the nods from other men—he was get­ting their approval. I thought to myself, “I’ll give them a show.”  So, lit­tle by lit­tle, I made sure that my blouse was pulled down as low as it would go. I could see men’s eyes fix­ated on me, try­ing to drink me up. And I loved how it made the Stet­son man pay extra atten­tion to me.

As we moved through­out the room, the Stet­son man told me that he usu­ally stayed up front to be close to the auc­tion­eer, but tonight, we were going to be in the back. We walked back and in one cor­ner, there were huge flat screen tele­vi­sions that showed what piece was up for auc­tion next.  Up at the front was the auc­tion­eer and to the left stood many of the for­eign buy­ers with their entourages. Many of them had peo­ple that would be bid­ding for them when they got the sign to bid. A lineup of phones being attended to ran down the other wall. You could lit­er­ally feel the excite­ment in the air.

My Stet­son man could not keep his hands off me and was deter­mined that every man in the area saw us together. He kept touch­ing me and putting his hands on my breasts in full view of every­one, and I just leaned into him. He loved the will­ing­ness of my body, but lit­tle did he know that I was putting on a show for all of the other rich men stand­ing nearby. If the Stet­son man was there for high dol­lar art, so were the other men—that meant all of these hand­some older men had money to spend. It was like heaven…