How to Maximize Your Lunch Hour When You’re Dating Your Rich Older Boss

After com­ing home from my crazy vaca­tion with my lover (Mr. Brown) and kids, and then fight­ing with my ex-husband, I needed a few days at home to just relax with no drama. I was expected to go to Cal­i­for­nia with my boss, who was also my sugar daddy in just a lit­tle over 10 days. After our lit­tle inci­dent on the vacation—he stood me up to have din­ner with his part­ner and two escorts—I was really wor­ried what kind of trou­ble Mr. Brown could get into in California.

The firm’s part­ners in Cal­i­for­nia were a younger, unmar­ried crowd; they were all good-looking with a cou­ple bad habits. I had only been to the area once when I was first hired years ago. I knew a lot of the gen­tle­men in the firm at that loca­tion and talked to them fre­quently on the phone, but I also knew a few of their sec­re­taries and all their sto­ries sounded the same: a young, beau­ti­ful female aspir­ing to be a model or actress gets a job at a law firm look­ing for a sugar daddy and a job.

I guess I really shouldn’t have been too judg­men­tal of the sec­re­taries; I was in the same posi­tion, only I wasn’t too young any­more and had no aspi­ra­tions of becom­ing a star. I had my sus­pi­cions that a cou­ple of the girls out there in Cal­i­for­nia thought Mr. Brown was a looker, but I didn’t let it get to me. I was his lady and I really felt like we had a con­nec­tion that was strong. I guess going with him to Cal­i­for­nia was about to prove me wrong, though.

When I got back to work, I made all the travel arrange­ments, planned the flights, booked the hotels, and even took care of the din­ner plans for him and the other lawyers at a swanky whiskey club with world renowned steaks, so as to avoid the drunken mishaps that hap­pened on our last busi­ness trip. I texted Mr. Brown and let him know that things were all ready to go. He texted me back and said so was he. Then he told me to meet him out­side in about 15 minutes.

I punched out for lunch and went out­side to meet him. I didn’t know he drove the black Bent­ley to work that day, but I knew we weren’t going to eat any­thing. I knew he wanted to head to his condo nearby for some­thing else, and I was totally up for it. With all the stress and every­thing that had been hap­pen­ing, it had been a while since we had been inti­mate. He drove down the express­way at 80 miles an hour with his hand reach­ing up my skirt the entire drive.

We hopped out and ran into the condo as fast as we could. We started kiss­ing in the ele­va­tor and I had the belt and but­ton on his pants open as soon as we stepped in the ele­va­tor. It was such a buildup of stress, anger, want, and need that as soon as we hopped off the ele­va­tor and entered the condo, we had sex there on the couch, with the cur­tains open and the breeze blow­ing in. We were really into it, and just as we were fin­ish­ing up, I heard a loud bang.

Mr. Brown hopped off the couch and ran into the kitchen. Louise, his house­keeper, was a lit­tle early today. Thank­fully, she had head­phones on, so she appar­ently didn’t hear much, but it was quite embar­rass­ing. She asked Mr. Brown how his wife was doing, and I heard his foot­steps move fur­ther away from the door where he was stand­ing. I couldn’t hear what he was say­ing and I started to won­der if she was still doing as bad as before. I hur­ried into the bath­room to freshen up and saw some cer­ti­fied let­ters on the counter that had been unopened. I didn’t know what they were right then, but it was a tie-in to our trip and I was in for some more surprises.

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