How to Negotiate a Date with Your Friend’s Rich Ex-Sugar Daddy: Part 1

I had just fin­ished doing my first shoot at the house of a rich older man named Michael, whom I had met through my new friend, Kate.

After the shoot, it was time to head home. Michael had retreated to a con­fer­ence call for one of his many busi­nesses, and since Kate and I had dri­ven to his estate together, we decided to go to a café after­wards and talk. “So, Michael—not a bad look­ing guy! So, what hap­pened there? ” I asked curiously.

Kate smiled. “We had a rela­tion­ship that lasted a few years. He treated me very well. I never paid for my car; he paid my mort­gage off, cov­ered util­i­ties, and gave me an unlim­ited credit card. But I think he just grew tired of me. He also wanted some­one younger. I’m in my 30s now. Girls your age and stature are more his type. In fact, I think he really took to you, Vivian,” she said. Now she had my inter­est. “But there’s a very dark side to Michael. My time with him, while extremely reward­ing, was also very exhaust­ing. Michael is a multi­bil­lion­aire. He can get what­ever he wants—if not from you, then from some­one else. And he knows it. That’s very hard to keep up with.”

Oh,” I replied, a lit­tle bummed out. “I’m sorry to hear that’s how things went with you two. I can tell that you gen­uinely had feel­ings for him.”

Don’t be sorry! I’m just giv­ing you a heads up,” said Kate. “I did fall in love with Michael, but he was not in love with me. The look he gave you, that was the look that means, ‘I want you and I will have you one way or another.’ He used to look at me the same way.” I didn’t say any­thing. I just let her con­tinue. “I have a feel­ing he will be call­ing me at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morn­ing like he used to, only this time he will want me to bring you to his house. If he calls, do you want to go? You have to be makeup ready, bright eyed, and bushy tailed, or he gets upset,” said Kate.

Well, yes,” I replied. “But only if you are OK with it. I thought he was very hand­some and if you don’t mind, I’d be curi­ous to spend some time with him.”

As we got the bill, Kate asked if she could come back to my place to freshen up. She hopped in the shower and a few min­utes later, Vic­tor, the new man I had started see­ing, showed up unex­pect­edly. I was in my room, so I didn’t hear him come in. He must have fig­ured it was me in the shower so he let him­self into the bathroom.

When I heard the door open, I got up to see him stand­ing there, just watch­ing her, not say­ing any­thing, but just kind of grin­ning. I stared at him for a moment, as Kate had yet to real­ize he was even there, until her phone rang. It was Michael call­ing. She got up and that’s when she real­ized Vic­tor was there. Kate screamed bloody mur­der and ran out of the bath­room. Had I just ruined my only chance at get­ting to Michael…?