How to Negotiate a Date with Your Friend’s Rich Ex-Sugar Daddy: Part 2

What are you doing here?” I yelled at Victor.

Miss­ing the party, appar­ently! You weren’t answer­ing my calls, so I wanted to make sure you were OK. Clearly, you are very OK,” Vic­tor responded, ges­tur­ing toward Kate.

What do you mean I wasn’t answer­ing you? My phone hasn’t rung at all. My phone is—wait, where is my phone?” And then I remem­bered that I had left it at Michael’s place.

Kate! I left my phone—” Kate stopped me mid-sentence as she came back through the bath­room door wrapped in a towel. “Your phone is at Michael’s. Some idiot kept ring­ing it and that’s how his clean­ing lady found it thank­fully. Michael wants us to come over tonight around mid­night. Can you pass me my clothes or ask this idiot to leave?” she said.

You’d bet­ter go, Vic­tor,” I told him bluntly. “Thanks for your con­cern, but we’ll talk later, OK?”

That’s a bit cold, Vivian! Fine, I’ll go. Enjoy your friend.”

Kate looked at me and smiled. “We need to go shop­ping, right now. You can’t see Michael in these clothes, not for what he’s giv­ing us. Get dressed; we have a lot of prepa­ra­tion to do before tonight.”

I was shocked, con­fused, excited, and extremely horny. The more she told me about Michael, the more I wanted to see him. And the more time I spent with Kate, the more I wanted to be like her. If any of what she told me is true, this could be the best of both worlds, or so I thought.

We quickly got dressed and headed to Victoria’s Secret, a local sex toy shop, the hair salon, and Macy’s. I had maxed out my credit card in less than three hours. But I looked fab­u­lous, thanks to Kate’s styling suggestions.

We were pumped and excited. I wasn’t so sure about the sup­plies Kate insisted we would need from the sex toy store, but I went along with it any­way. A few hours later, we were on Michael’s doorstep. He smiled and held up my phone through the win­dow as he made his way to the door.

Well, well, well… If it isn’t the two sex­i­est women in town,” he said as he gave us both inti­mate hugs and kisses. Michael handed me my phone, again with that twin­kle in his eye.

Kate and I laughed as Michael wel­comed us into his home; he took us down­stairs to his fully-stocked bar and game room. We talked for a while; he gave us a tour of his house and mixed up some drinks before serv­ing us fresh food from the grill. “This is not what I expected, Kate,” I whis­pered to her when Michael excused him­self to the bathroom.

Just wait! Its com­ing,” she responded quietly.