How to Talk to Your Rich Older Man About Your Sex Life (Or Lack Thereof): Part 2

Michael smiled as I walked through the door. “There she is! The woman of the hour,” he said. He had never invited me over while the clean­ing lady was there, let alone intro­duced me to her as his girl­friend. He instructed her to give me my own set of keys and secu­rity codes to his estate. “What’s going on?” I asked qui­etly while hug­ging him.

Noth­ing, I just want you to feel at home here, to feel wel­come. I want you in my life more often. Don’t get scared and run away. I would even like for you to live here if that’s what you choose. What do you say, dear? You can live here with me. I will have the maid rearrange the closet so that you have your own side and I will send my per­sonal assis­tant shop­ping for any­thing you want to make you feel at home.”

I just stared at Michael, com­pletely dumb­founded and blind­sided. “I didn’t think you wanted a steady, seri­ous rela­tion­ship,” I said hesitantly.

Michael’s smile dis­ap­peared quickly. “Why, are you see­ing some­one else? Do you have some­one else you love?”

No, not at all,” I said quickly. “In fact, I was hop­ing to talk to you about that.”

The maid excused her­self after hand­ing me a key and secu­rity sys­tem codes. There we were, com­pletely alone.

Vivian, come sit with me. I think we need to have an hon­est con­ver­sa­tion. I feel that we have dif­fer­ent ideas of what we want and what our expec­ta­tions are,” Michael said as he placed his hand on my lower back and led me to the couch. That seemed to be his favorite way to lead me around, gen­tle but controlling.

I jumped right in with­out wait­ing or hes­i­tat­ing. “I need more sex. I’m not with any­one else, and my phys­i­cal needs are not being met, but I am doing every­thing I can to meet yours. Have you ever thought about tak­ing the blue pill? ” I asked blush­ing and hop­ing I hadn’t just crossed a bound­ary that would upset Michael. “And I always feel like I’m walk­ing on eggshells with you. I don’t know what that’s about.”

Sweet­heart, if I could take that med­ica­tion, I would have already. You’ve got a hot lit­tle body and I would love to be able to please you, but I have a heart con­di­tion that pre­vents me from being eli­gi­ble for it. If that’s impor­tant to you, let’s fig­ure out a solu­tion together,” he responded, much to my surprise.

This was the first time I felt like we had been truly hon­est with each other. It helped us in the long run, because from that point on, we main­tained this bru­tally hon­est connection.