How to Tell If Your Older Man Is Serious About Being with You: Part 1

How to Tell If Your Older Man is Serious About Being With You: Part 1After I unex­pect­edly had sex with Mr. Brown, my older lover—who was also my boss—in his office, the rest of the week seemed to fly by pretty quickly. I had final­ized all of the arrange­ments for the com­pany Easter egg hunt; although I still needed to make sure that I had my daugh­ters’ gifts taken care of.

On Fri­day, I went to pick up my pay­check and noticed that there was some­thing else in the enve­lope with my check. Mr. Brown had placed a $500.00 gift card to a local toy store, a lit­tle some­thing extra to pay for my kids’ Easter gifts. He also included a note say­ing that he couldn’t wait to see the egg hunt and to finally meet my kids. I was ecsta­tic! I knew that their father would go all out on gifts just so that he’d be able to rub it in my face that he could afford it and I couldn’t.

I rushed to the bank to cash my check. The plan was to drop the kids off at their grandma’s house for a few hours so that I could go shop­ping for them. Shortly after I dropped them off, I got a text from Mr. Brown ask­ing if we could have din­ner together tonight. Unfor­tu­nately, I had to tell him that I couldn’t because I would be spend­ing the evening with my kids. He then asked if I would want to go with him and maybe bring them along. I was excited by the thought, but the wounds from the recent sep­a­ra­tion from my hus­band were still too fresh—I didn’t want to rush into Mr. Brown meet­ing my kids.

I texted Mr. Brown back and told him that the kids were spend­ing some time with my mother, and that we could meet up for a quick din­ner while I was out shop­ping. We met at a lit­tle bistro and had a small meal. He started ask­ing me a lot of ques­tions about my daugh­ters, and I could tell that he was ner­vous. Since he had no chil­dren of his own, I fig­ured it was just out of curios­ity. He was excited to hear about all of their strange habits, their favorite toys, and their favorite TV shows. It was endear­ing, and I started to see Mr. Brown in a whole new light.

He had men­tioned in the past about want­ing a fam­ily, but I still had no idea if was still seri­ously think­ing about it. I shifted the con­ver­sa­tion back to the meal and the Easter egg hunt. It was hap­pen­ing in two days, and again, Mr. Brown asked if he could meet my chil­dren at the event. I decided it was time to get it over with, so I told him that I thought that it would be a great time to meet them. On the out­side I was happy and excited, but on the inside, I had no idea what to expect…