How to Tell If Your Older Man Is Serious About Being with You: Part 2

Older Man is Serious About His Relationship With YouI fin­ished up my salad and Mr. Brown, my much older boyfriend, asked if he could come with me to the toy store to help me shop for my daugh­ters’ Easter gifts. I laughed and told him that he was wel­come to, but that I didn’t know how much fun it would be. He smirked at me, and I real­ized that he and I both knew that we’d have fun regard­less of what we were doing.

We got in his Bent­ley and headed toward the toy store. As we stepped out of the car, he reached over and held my hand—it was the first affec­tion­ate thing he had done out­side of the bed­room. It was nice, but sur­pris­ing, since there was no guar­an­tee that we wouldn’t run into some­one we knew. We grabbed a cart and got to work.

As we walked up and down the aisles, he was grab­bing toys off the shelves, play­ing with them, and ask­ing me about what char­ac­ters and toys were pop­u­lar now. He told me a lit­tle bit about his favorite toys grow­ing up, and asked me about mine. It felt amaz­ing to just laugh and spend qual­ity time with him, like a real couple.

After check­ing out, we walked to the car and started load­ing the trunk. When we were done, Mr. Brown told me that he wanted to talk to me about some­thing. He said that Mrs. Brown had told him about her dete­ri­o­rat­ing health issues. I was sur­prised, because I didn’t get the impres­sion from her that she was plan­ning on telling him so soon.

He looked at me with sad­ness in his eyes as he explained that he was not really sur­prised at the state of her health—she had been get­ting sick for a few years now. He also told me that their sex life had been pretty non-existent, essen­tially since the day they were mar­ried. Because she didn’t want chil­dren, there was never any need for them to really be inti­mate, and they both seemed to be happy car­ry­ing on with other peo­ple on the side.

I told him that I was sorry, but that I needed to excuse myself to get to my kids. He gave me a hug and held me a lit­tle longer than usual. I told him that I would see him on Sun­day at the Easter egg hunt, along with my kids. He helped me trans­fer every­thing to my car, gave me a quick kiss, and off I went.

By the time I got to my mother’s house, I had already got­ten a text from him say­ing that he couldn’t wait to meet the girls again, and that he hoped they loved their gifts. He also told me I was a great mother, and that he was look­ing for­ward to hope­fully talk­ing more on Sunday.

I didn’t know what more he wanted to talk about, but I felt a lit­tle bit bet­ter and could breathe eas­ier know­ing that his wife’s health con­di­tion was out in the open now. I still didn’t want to tell him any­thing about the fact that she sus­pected he was hav­ing an affair, although I would have the chance to soon enough.