How to Tell Your Ex You Left Him For a Sugar Daddy: Part 1

I was sit­ting in a local cof­fee shop when some­thing caught my atten­tion out of the cor­ner of my eye—perhaps it was his laugh, or maybe it was his famil­iar vibe. When I turned around, I saw him, and for a split sec­ond, my heart stopped. Josh—my ex-fiancé, who I had to walk away from because I got too caught up with Der­rick, my rich older man—stood just a few feet away from me. He was with a volup­tuous blonde with bright green eyes. I could not force myself to turn away, as their pres­ence was just captivating.

A bit­ter tinge of jeal­ousy burned deep in my heart. It wasn’t the fact that he looked bet­ter than ever, but what burned the most was the joy in their eyes. Even at my hap­pi­est, I don’t think I have ever expe­ri­enced such joy. Judg­ing by their body lan­guage and the way they inter­acted with one another, I guessed they were newly dat­ing; their joy and excite­ment was far too pas­sion­ate for two peo­ple who had been together for years. I put their sta­tus at about three months, newly dating.

Although I tried, I could not over­hear their con­ver­sa­tion, but real­ized that the blonde was say­ing good­bye. Their kiss was brief, but you could tell that it was full of love. I sighed and turned away as they said good­bye to each other, and for a sec­ond, I wished I was that girl. Instead, I was trapped in a love­less mar­riage and a mind-numbing affair.

Cas­san­dra!” said a famil­iar voice. “I can’t believe it’s you!” His voice seemed eager. “Get up and give me a hug, lady.” As I stood there wrapped in his arms, I sensed a famil­iar­ity I once knew. My throat tight­ened as I remem­bered the love we once had.

I must say Josh, I have never, ever, run into an ex before.” I shrugged as he smiled. “I’m glad it was you. How have you been?” I pre­tended like I hadn’t been eaves­drop­ping and asked about his life, his job, and his rela­tion­ship. I knew what to expect about that last part—I had already estab­lished in my mind that he had only just started dat­ing this blonde woman. But his answer caught me off guard, because I couldn’t have been more wrong…