How to Use a Rich Older Man to Help You Retire While You’re Still Young and Beautiful: Part 1

The Stet­son man had been home for a few weeks and I had man­aged to avoid going away with the Greek God. In my mind, I was still dat­ing the Stet­son man, even though the dynamic of our rela­tion­ship had changed. It had cer­tainly “cooled off.” I was still try­ing to be the per­fect girl­friend and bring some excite­ment back.

I was review­ing my finances one morn­ing when panic set in. I began to real­ize how much money I was really spend­ing being a billionaire’s girl­friend. It is expen­sive to receive Botox and Resty­lane treat­ments four times a year, the clothes required for the func­tions, the hair, the nails, the gym, and much, much more.

My job was to “look the part” at any moment. I was in my early 40s and this was no easy task. You can’t be seen in the same clothes more than once. Plus, I had another breast aug­men­ta­tion, my lips done sev­eral times, and every tooth in my head was now an implant; I have what we call a “Hol­ly­wood” mouth. When I went to have my teeth done, I just wanted every­thing done per­fectly and quickly. I had no idea that you didn’t have to do your whole mouth. But I only found this out after I went to the lab. The tech­ni­cian asked me if I was on TV or a model. He had never done an entire mouth before. At that point, I had already paid the den­tist for the full mouth, which came up to about the price of a lux­ury car. I went with it and remem­ber laugh­ing about it as I repeated the story.

This par­tic­u­lar morn­ing, I was no longer laugh­ing. I also real­ized that this could not be my career any­more. I was already clos­ing in on my mid-40s and when my youth com­pletely faded, I would either need to be mar­ried to the Stet­son man or be finan­cially secure if he left me. Early in my rela­tion­ship with him, I looked at every price tag and wor­ried about every penny I was spend­ing. The Stet­son man would always tell me, “Money is no object.” I had clearly adopted that the­ory and it was start­ing to come back to haunt me. My sole income was now com­ing from the Stet­son man. There were times early on in our rela­tion­ship when, in true sugar daddy style, he would trans­fer five fig­ures into my account. How­ever, that had not hap­pened lately. I was not in a finan­cial posi­tion for the Stet­son man to end our rela­tion­ship. I had to step up and do some­thing, and quick…