How to Use a Rich Older Man to Help You Retire While You’re Still Young and Beautiful: Part 2

I real­ized two things that morn­ing: first, I was not in a good finan­cial posi­tion for the short-term, and sec­ond, I was in an even worse finan­cial posi­tion for the long-term. My style of liv­ing was not some­thing I could main­tain with a nor­mal job. Cer­tainly not any job I had in the past, and I had made a low six fig­ures before meet­ing the Stet­son man.

I paced and I thought before finally call­ing my best friend Tori. We dis­cussed every option. Tori was good at being my sound­ing board; she would bring me down to earth when needed and often called a spade a spade. By the time the call ended, we had deter­mined that my short-term goals would include obtain­ing prop­erty in my name and a lucra­tive busi­ness that could replace my income. Granted, we didn’t go lightly on the goals. How I would achieve them was not yet decided, but when we set our minds to some­thing, it nearly always hap­pened. I wasn’t about to be kicked to the curb or live under a bridge any­time soon. Seri­ously, I wasn’t will­ing to be forced to down­size my style of liv­ing. I had become accus­tomed to the finer things and wanted to keep them.

The other thing we decided was that I would be wise to double-dip, so to speak, for a short-term again. Now, how I was going to man­age two wealthy men and my time would be a huge chal­lenge, but it would pay off if I played them both cor­rectly. I couldn’t afford to make a mis­take because it could all poten­tially come crash­ing down around me.

I had not yet given the Greek God’s sec­re­tary my rout­ing and account num­ber, but I imme­di­ately phoned her after I got off the phone with Tori so that I would stay on track and not chicken out. Thank­fully, his sec­re­tary seemed to be expect­ing the call; she cer­tainly did not act sur­prised to be receiv­ing the num­bers. Now that I was on the Greek God’s pay­roll and receiv­ing ample funds through his “schol­ar­ship fund,” I could no longer put him off. When he asked me to travel with him again, I would have to go. I would have to man­age my sched­ule and my lies with sheer expertise.