Hugh Hefner’s 27-Year-Old Wife, Crystal Harris, Reveals What It’s Like to Be Married to the Original Playboy

Sugar Baby Crystal Harris With Sugar Daddy Hugh HefnerA few media out­lets were recently spec­u­lat­ing that trou­ble was brew­ing between Play­boy founder Hugh Hefner, 87, and his 27-year-old wife, Crys­tal Harris—not that it would sur­prise any­one, given their 60-year age dif­fer­ence. But it turns out that all is well in Play­boy par­adise because the celebrity couple’s mar­riage is doing just fine, at least accord­ing to Harris.

The for­mer model recently appeared on Access Hol­ly­wood to clear up the rumors about her mar­riage to Hefner. “We’re hap­pier than ever, things are bet­ter now than they were then.” The “then” Har­ris is refer­ring to was her deci­sion to leave Hefner mere days before their wed­ding back in 2011. The celebrity cou­ple ended up get­ting back together a year later and after accept­ing an even big­ger ring from Hefner, they finally got mar­ried, a deci­sion Har­ris never regret­ted. “Hef loved me more than I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Har­ris also touched on their big age dif­fer­ence, but says she doesn’t really notice it because her hus­band is “a lot of fun.” He may be push­ing 90, but Har­ris says their mar­riage works so well because Hefner makes just as good a hus­band as any younger man would. “Hef’s very roman­tic, very cozy,” said Har­ris. “We really care about each other and get along great.”

What do you think: Would you ever date some­one who was 60 years older if you got along well?


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