I Finally Realized That I Loved My Husband, and Then My Sugar Daddy’s Wife Got In the Way: Part 1

My hus­band, Robert, walked upstairs with two glasses and a bot­tle of my favorite wine. Appar­ently, his day had been stress­ful at work and he really needed to unwind. He sat in front of me, com­pletely vul­ner­a­ble and open to me, telling me about his wor­ries and con­cerns about the next step he would be tak­ing in his busi­ness. As he spoke, it really hit me how much I loved this man. He was not per­fect by any means, but he was per­fectly imper­fect for me. We had more than our fair share of trou­bles, but at the end of the day, my soul itself yearned for his arms. He knew me bet­ter than any­body ever cared to know. He loved me for who I was. We had a com­pli­cated love that some­times I couldn’t even understand.

When Robert was fin­ished talk­ing about work, he sat in silence for a few min­utes. I didn’t think any­thing of it, as I fig­ured that he was just relax­ing. And then he turned my world upside down.  “It’s been really bug­ging me, Cas­san­dra. That woman, the one from the restau­rant.”  I stared at him with a blank face, won­der­ing where he was going with this. “You now, the lady whom you said was just an acquain­tance of yours?”

Okay?” I said, afraid of what he would say next. A mil­lion and one things went through my head, and none of them had a good ending.

That was Leslie, cor­rect?” he asked.

Leslie?” I repeated. I was not sure of Mrs. Friedman’s first name; I had never both­ered to ask.

Yes, Leslie Fried­man. She is mar­ried to Der­rick Fried­man, one of the wealth­i­est men in the indus­try.” He stared at me, look­ing for a reaction.

Yes, yes, of course. Leslie.” I let her name set­tle in my head. “What about her?” I asked.

How do you know her? Only a hand­ful of peo­ple really know her. And for her to know your name, well that’s even more astounding.”

I did not wait for him to con­tinue. “I told you, she’s an old acquaintance.”

I looked at Robert and instantly knew that my expla­na­tion wasn’t going to be enough for him. He wanted answers, and I had about a sec­ond to think about what I would tell him. I had about a sec­ond to fig­ure out how I was going to save my marriage…

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    Yes, Leslie Fried­man. She is mar­ried to Der­rick Fried­man, one of the
    wealth­i­est men in the indus­try.” — expos­i­tory dia­logue fail