I Hate My Sugar Daddy’s Gifts—How Do I Get What I Really Want?

high_end_dating_august9_13QUESTION: My sugar daddy always buys me expen­sive gifts, but he has really bad taste, so I never really like what he picks out. How do I get him to buy me stuff that I would actu­ally like?

CHELSEA SAYS: You obvi­ously need to get a lit­tle bet­ter at drop­ping hints around your sugar daddy. He’s prob­a­bly not giv­ing you what you want because he has no idea what you want. When you see some­thing you like, casu­ally show him a pic­ture and say some­thing like, “What do you think of these shoes? Aren’t they adorable?” The key is to be sub­tle, not obvious.

You can also sug­gest that you and your sugar daddy go shop­ping together—not so you can pick out your own good­ies (or so he’ll think), but because it’s a great way to spend an after­noon together. Or, when you know he’s got plans of his own, tell him that you’re going out for a shop­ping date with the girls. If your sugar daddy is down to spoil you with gifts, I’m sure he’d have no prob­lem hand­ing over his credit card.

What­ever you do, do not dam­age his ego. What he clearly wants to be for you is a provider. So, let him pro­vide. You’re just show­ing him how he can be a more valu­able provider for you. It’s not that you don’t appre­ci­ate what he gives you, you should be thank­ful no mat­ter what. You’re just point­ing him in the right direc­tion, that’s all.

Also, be con­scious and make men­tal notes of what your sugar daddy is giv­ing you—he’s prob­a­bly giv­ing you what he wants to see you in. We all tend to do to oth­ers what we want for our­selves, even when we’re doing some­thing as self­less as giv­ing expen­sive gifts. He’s giv­ing you that flashy neck­lace because he thinks you would look good in it, not because he’s try­ing to make you look like a fool. Would it really kill you to wear it once in a while, just to make your sugar daddy happy?