I Thought I was the Only One with Secrets—Till My Husband Shocked Me with a Secret of His Own: Part 3

As soon as my hus­band, Robert, began talk­ing, I knew it wouldn’t be good news. Of all the sce­nar­ios I imag­ined, none came close to the real­ity. He began by telling me that he didn’t go out of town for busi­ness. He went to Chicago for per­sonal busi­ness. After his affair, which had lasted one month, he cut ties with the other woman. She had made var­i­ous attempts to con­tact him, but he kept ignor­ing her. Unlike me, he felt bad for his actions and could not sleep with another woman. Regard­less of my actions, he was unable to con­tinue his affair.

About a year ago, she showed up at work,” he paused and stared at me. “She told me that…”

What?” I asked frus­trated. “What did she tell you?”

I have a daugh­ter, Cassandra.”

My heart dropped to my feet and I could not breathe. I closed my eyes to fight back tears. I didn’t care that he had an affair. I under­stood and had no right to be upset. I could not even be upset at the secret of it, but to know he had a child and I was clue­less was pre­pos­ter­ous. “And you are barely telling me? Is this why you don’t want kids any­more?” I stood up and began to yell. I was infu­ri­ated, even though I knew I had no right to be. I began to panic and he grabbed my face to calm me down.

Lis­ten, I didn’t believe her. I used a con­dom every time. I’ve been fight­ing her for a DNA test ever since. The results came back yes­ter­day and she was right. Leslie is mine.”

Leslie?” I laughed at the coin­ci­den­tal name. Leslie was the name of Derrick’s ex-wife. I could not stop laugh­ing. I became hys­ter­i­cal with the news. I was truly hop­ing to start fresh. I knew a fam­ily was still pos­si­ble, but no mat­ter what the out­come was, things would always be different.

That’s the other thing,” he said.

I don’t know if I can take any more, Rob­bie,” I whis­pered. “This is too much already.” My voice was faint. I felt weak in the knees. He directed me to sit down and I knew what was com­ing. He was finally leav­ing me. He would move and be with his new family.

Leslie is Leslie’s daugh­ter.” I stared blankly at him. It wasn’t reg­is­ter­ing. And then I real­ized what he meant and my eyes widened. “I’m sorry. It was all a part of her game.”

Leslie? Like as in Mrs. Leslie Fried­man, Derrick’s wife? That Leslie?” I stood with anger. I was infu­ri­ated. “You slept with Leslie? And you got her preg­nant? Leslie Fried­man? What’s next? You are going to leave me and have a hap­pily ever after with her? Because if that’s the almighty vengeance plan, then have at it!”  Tears began to fall. I could no longer con­trol the excess of emotion.