Bradley Cooper’s New Girlfriend is 17 Years Younger Than Him

Sugar Daddy Bradley Cooper With Suki WaterhouseActor Bradley Cooper once said that he would never get involved with his Sil­ver Lin­ings Play­book co-star Jen­nifer Lawrence, because with their 16-year age dif­fer­ence, he felt like he was old enough to be her father. Some­thing must have changed between now and then, because Cooper’s new girl­friend, 21-year-old model Suki Water­house, is a year younger than Lawrence.

Cooper and Water­house met ear­lier this year at an awards show in Lon­don, and sources say she was the one who pushed to be intro­duced to the actor. The two hit it off and have been spend­ing lots of time together; in fact, Cooper report­edly flew her out to some of his film sets.

At 38, Cooper has become known as the kind of guy that lands gor­geous women, but never really set­tles down with them long term. While this can be a point of con­tention for some new cou­ples, Water­house is keep­ing his bach­e­lor rep­u­ta­tion in mind. “She would like some­thing more seri­ous but knows what he’s about and accepts that. She’s just happy to be with him for now, she has such a crush,” a source told Us Weekly.

Not every­one is as opti­mistic about their rela­tion­ship. Waterhouse’s ex, Eng­lish musi­cian Miles Kane, has openly pre­dicted their inevitable split, sim­ply because of the large age gap. “The thing is, she is a 21-year-old girl and you for­get how young she is. I don’t know how old he is—what, 40 or some­thing like that? She is a young girl and I’m sure he’ll real­ize that.”


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  • Bob Ofen­hagen

    I just don’t under­stand this guy’s appeal. He will always be the soft spo­ken guy from Alias for me. Not even .02% debonair…

    • AJ2449

      R U kid­ding? He was Awe­some on Alias. one of the best parts of the show — b4 it got dumb.

  • liz lazo

    Never found him sexy , can’t under­stand the appeal.

    • bjbanana8

      Amen to that

  • Mike Alan

    I am 54 and my gf of almost 5 years is 26. You don’t have to be rich and great look­ing to find a hot young girl. Nope, you only have to have the sta­mina of a 22 year old man, with the wis­dom of an adult. Oh yeah, find­ing a girl with a daddy com­plex helps a grat deal:)

    • san­dra

      blargh “daddy com­plex” both sick AND sad

    • Guest

      gross old man.

    • Eliz­a­beth Goepp

      Lol, love this post! I’m 27 and my hus­band is your age, 54. I’ve always liked
      older guys. Wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  • ❤❤MANDA❤❤

    IDC that just means I have a chance with him if they break up LOL