Clint Eastwood’s Marriage to Younger Woman on the Rocks?

Sugar Daddy Clint Eastwood With Dina RuizHollywood’s rumor mill is in full swing once again after 82-year-old Clint East­wood was recently spot­ted in New York City on sev­eral occa­sions with­out his wed­ding ring.

East­wood is mar­ried to Dina Ruiz, who is 36 years younger than he is. The pair has been mar­ried since 1996 and while it seemed to be going well for a while, sev­eral reports are sug­gest­ing that things are get­ting rocky, espe­cially after they were seen in a heated argu­ment at his daughter’s wed­ding back in March. They report­edly didn’t spend their wed­ding anniver­sary on March 31 together either. Accord­ing to celebrity reports, Ruiz also recently checked into rehab for depres­sion and anxiety.

While nei­ther party has con­firmed a break-up, a source told, “Dina and Clint have sim­ply drifted apart. She wanted him to slow down and not spend as much time work­ing, and that just isn’t an option for Clint.”

In real­ity, there’s no telling whether it’s the age gap, busy sched­ules or just a mar­riage that’s run its course.

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  • Melissa Knight-Lee

    He is def­i­nitely a good look­ing older man though :)

  • Robert M

    Heck every body is look­ing for a sugar daddy, or sugar mama. Bar­bara Wal­ters is finally retir­ing from the View. I wish she was my cougar lady., I believe I can rock her world with­out giv­ing her a heart attack.

  • Elsa Cac­eres

    this is sad…but I an not surprised!