George Clooney’s Trick to Making It Work With His Younger Girlfriend

Sugar Daddy George ClooneyGeorge Clooney, 52, has made it pretty clear that he’s not inter­ested in get­ting mar­ried again any­time soon. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t fully com­mit­ted to his 33-year-old girl­friend, for­mer WWE star Stacy Keibler. Even with the 18-year age gap between them, Keibler has man­aged to hold on to one of the most sought-after men in Hol­ly­wood for almost two years now.

It turns out that the trick to their suc­cess­ful rela­tion­ship is appar­ently as sim­ple as sep­a­rate liv­ing arrange­ments. Even after being together for so long, the cou­ple doesn’t offi­cially live together—Keibler still keeps her own place in Los Ange­les. “She thinks it’s best not to give it up com­pletely, and George agrees,” a friend told Life & Style Mag­a­zine. How­ever, it seems to be more of a pre­cau­tion, because despite hav­ing sep­a­rate addresses, Keibler still spends almost all of her time with Clooney. But he doesn’t seem to mind—he report­edly had a “mega closet” built in his home just for her.

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