Leonardo DiCaprio Rejected by a Younger Woman

Sugar Daddy Leonardo DiCaprio RejectedAs far as celebri­ties go, actor Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t usu­ally seem to have trou­ble get­ting famous ladies, even ones that are younger than him. His list of younger girl­friends includes mod­els Bar Refaeli and Erin Heather­ton, and actress Blake Lively—and those are just the ones he’s been seen going out in pub­lic with. His women are known for get­ting spoiled, and being show­ered with lav­ish gifts, like expen­sive vaca­tions and cars.

It turns out, how­ever, that not all women will fall for his charm, or his money. The 38-year-old actor report­edly tried to pur­sue 20-year-old British model, Cara Delev­ingne, at a party in Cannes, but she wasn’t at all inter­ested. “Nor­mally all Leo has to do is look at a girl and they fall at his feet,” a source told The Sun, adding, “He spent the night chas­ing after her and essen­tially she blew him [off].”

The source said that Delev­ingne talked to DiCaprio, but turned down his per­sis­tent invites to a party in his suite. She also report­edly felt like he was being too for­ward, and that he was too old. It looks like some girls do have an age limit, even when it comes to rich, older Hol­ly­wood heartthrobs.


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  • KalianaDi­et­rich

    Smart girl! I applaud her for hav­ing morals and integrity in today’s indul­gent world!