Michael Douglas Anticipating Reunion With Young Wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Dou­glas was in Cannes yes­ter­day pro­mot­ing his new biopic, Behind the Can­de­labra, but a new movie isn’t the only thing he’s cel­e­brat­ing. The 68-year-old actor has spent the last month apart from his 43-year-old wife, Cather­ine Zeta-Jones, who checked into a clinic for help with man­ag­ing her bipo­lar dis­or­der. Dou­glas revealed that Zeta-Jones is expected to finally come home this week. “She’s doing a really good job of get­ting bal­anced,” Dou­glas told Peo­ple. “I’m proud of her.”

Zeta-Jones’ ill­ness hasn’t been easy on the cou­ple, who have main­tained a solid mar­riage for almost 13 years, despite ongo­ing health strug­gles. But Dou­glas assured the media and her fans that the pro-active treat­ment is doing won­ders for his wife. “Catherine’s doing won­der­ful,” he said in a recent inter­view with Extra, adding, “She’s got her­self worked out with her meds and she’s rar­ing to go!”


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