Princess Charlene, Prince Albert’s Much Younger Wife, Wants Kids of Her Own

Prince Albert and Younger Wife Princess Lynette Charlene

Prince Albert and Younger Wife Princess Lynette CharleneWhen a younger woman mar­ries an older man, one of the first ques­tions that comes up is whether or not they’ll have kids. It’s a hot topic because, while younger brides may be at the prime age for moth­er­hood, often their older hus­bands have either decided they don’t want kids, or have already done the dad thing—and have no inten­tions of doing it all over again.

When Char­lene Lynette Witt­stock, 35, mar­ried 55-year-old Prince Albert of Monaco in 2011, not only did she become a princess, but she also took on the title of step­mother to his two ille­git­i­mate chil­dren. Now she’s think­ing of hav­ing kids of her own. “We had a big wed­ding. It was a big adjust­ment after that,” she told the news­pa­per Sun­day World. “Now I’m set­tled and I think kids will come. I don’t put any pres­sure on myself. If it hap­pens, it happens.”

It’s hard to say if there will be tiny foot­steps in the royal palace any time soon, because shortly after her inter­view with Sun­day World, sev­eral Euro­pean pub­li­ca­tions spec­u­lated that Princess Char­lene was get­ting a lit­tle too close with rugby player Byron Kelle­her while vis­it­ing South Africa. Kelle­her and the princess are only a year apart, which sheds light on a whole other issue with younger women and older men—will she even­tu­ally fall for some­one in her own age group?


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