Silvio Berlusconi Facing New Corruption Charges After Being Tried for Sleeping With a Minor

For­mer Ital­ian Prime Min­is­ter Sil­vio Berlus­coni has had his share of scan­dals. In Feb­ru­ary 2011, the 76-year-old politi­cian made head­lines when he was charged for both solic­it­ing paid sex with a minor, and then for try­ing to use his polit­i­cal influ­ence to cover up the scan­dal. Although he denied the alle­ga­tions, it comes as lit­tle sur­prise that he has a thing for younger women—his first wife report­edly left him in 2009 because he was asso­ci­at­ing with teenage girls. The sep­a­ra­tion costs him $4 mil­lion a month in alimony.

Even that didn’t seem to deter Berlus­coni much, because his lat­est girl­friend, Francesca Pas­cale, is only 27. After only a few months of dat­ing, the pair announced their engage­ment in Decem­ber 2012. How­ever, sev­eral media reports spec­u­late that the only rea­son he set­tled down with her was to help repair his tar­nished reputation.

If that’s the case, Berlus­coni is going to have to try a lit­tle harder, because he’s in hot water yet again after being accused of brib­ing a for­mer Ital­ian sen­a­tor with three mil­lion euros to switch polit­i­cal par­ties. This news comes less than 24 hours after Berlusconi’s tax fraud con­vic­tion was upheld, sen­tenc­ing him to four years in prison. There’s no word if Pas­cale will be stick­ing by him through this trial, however.