Sugar Daddy Hugh Hefner Buys His 27-Year-Old Wife a $5.0 Million Mansion

When you’re 27 and mar­ried to a rich, older man, you can’t help but won­der how long he’ll actu­ally be around. Play­boy mogul and iconic sugar daddy Hugh Hefner, 87, is plan­ning ahead to make sure his young wife, 27-year-old Crys­tal Har­ris, will have noth­ing to worry about when he dies. Hefner just spent $5.0 mil­lion to buy his wife a brand new 5,900 square-foot estate in the Hol­ly­wood Hills.

The house is being held in a trust for both of them, as Hefner and Har­ris aren’t plan­ning to move out of the Play­boy Man­sion any­time soon. Hefner doesn’t legally own the Play­boy Mansion—he’s tech­ni­cally rent­ing it from Play­boy Enter­prises. Buy­ing the new house was sim­ply his way of guar­an­tee­ing that when he dies, Har­ris will have a place to go. What widow doesn’t need four bed­rooms, five bath­rooms, and an infin­ity pool?

If the mar­riage dies before Hefner does, Har­ris is still enti­tled to fight for her share of the new house, whether it’s by tak­ing full own­er­ship of it or set­tling for a buy-out.