Insights From a Real-Life Sugar Daddy


Sugar dad­dies usu­ally get a bad rap for their lifestyle—spoiling beau­ti­ful, young women with money and expen­sive gifts isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of a healthy rela­tion­ship. But one real-life sugar daddy, Alan Schnei­der, wants the world to know that there’s noth­ing wrong with today’s women want­ing a sugar daddy. In fact, he believes that it’s really noth­ing new. “The sugar daddy lifestyle is a throw­back to tra­di­tional rela­tion­ship val­ues, where the roles are defined between men and women,” says Schnei­der. “The man is the pri­mary provider and is chival­rous and pam­per­ing; while the woman is nurturing.”

The sugar daddy lifestyle is often bashed by crit­ics who say that it’s no dif­fer­ent from pros­ti­tu­tion. But accord­ing to Schnei­der, that couldn’t be more wrong, because sugar daddy/ sugar baby rela­tion­ships are like any other rela­tion­ship between a man and a woman. “Sugar daddy rela­tion­ships are ongo­ing rela­tion­ships, not one night stands, and they are as monog­a­mous as other rela­tion­ships, often more so,” says Schnei­der. “Many sugar daddy rela­tion­ships evolve into mar­riage or long term com­mit­ted rela­tion­ships. They are based on mutual spoil­ing and pam­per­ing… and what’s wrong with that?”

Schnei­der is a good exam­ple of what the lifestyle is like today, and it’s about more than just an exchange of money or sex. Accord­ing to Schnei­der, a modern-day sugar daddy spoils his sugar baby with money, but also devotes “time to lis­ten, men­tor, and enrich his sugar baby. Whether it’s help­ing her do her col­lege assign­ments, estab­lish a busi­ness, or just men­tor her, the sugar daddy pro­vides much more than money to the relationship.”

What do you think: Do you agree with Alan Schneider’s opin­ion about the modern-day sugar daddy?


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