Is George Clooney’s Ex-Sugar Baby, Stacy Keibler, Going Broke?

When 33-year-old Stacy Keibler was dat­ing Hol­ly­wood roy­alty George Clooney, 52, she was liv­ing the life of a queen. She was invited to the hottest par­ties, wore the most glam­orous designer gowns, flew in pri­vate jets, and always had a rich, hand­some older man by her side—all of the perks of being a sugar baby. But now that this celebrity cou­ple has pulled the plug on their May-December rela­tion­ship, rumors are sur­fac­ing that Keibler is strug­gling to pay for the lux­u­ri­ous lifestyle that she became accus­tomed to while dat­ing Clooney.

Sources are claim­ing that Keibler even con­sid­ered mak­ing a one-time appear­ance in the WWE ring, where she first found fame as a female wrestler, so long as it came with a big pay­check to cover a few lav­ish expenses. How­ever, Clooney’s ex-sugar baby later denied that a WWE come­back was in the works because she felt like that part of her life was over. Besides, Keibler has since moved on from Clooney to a new sugar daddy, although he’s not quite as old as Clooney—Keibler is report­edly dat­ing 38-year-old tech entre­pre­neur, Jared Pobre. Her new sugar daddy might not have as much as Clooney’s $180 mil­lion fortune—not yet at least—but Pobre has prob­a­bly got enough money in the bank to still treat her to the finest.

Even if the rumors that Clooney’s ex-sugar baby is strug­gling for money are bogus, they do raise an inter­est­ing ques­tion for other sugar babies out there. If you have every­thing handed to you on a sil­ver plat­ter while you’re with your sugar daddy, what hap­pens when the rela­tion­ship ends?

What do you think: Would you have a hard time giv­ing up your extrav­a­gant sugar baby lifestyle, or would you be able to just cut your losses and move on?


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  • Jax lovett

    Hon­estly who knows or really cares!

  • sam

    Just another pros­ti­tute. Paid for sex in many ways. No she has the regret for the rest of her life. Silly girl think­ing it was some­thiong more than sex for money.