Is Gerard Butler Getting Too Old to Be a Hot Sugar Daddy?

It wasn’t too long ago that a rumor sur­faced about Ger­ard Butler’s young on-again-off-again girl­friend, 25-year-old model Madalina Ghe­nea, hook­ing up with an Ital­ian soc­cer player who was 13 years younger than But­ler. Now there’s another rumor that Butler’s for­mer sugar baby has set her sights on another younger man, and he hap­pens to be an A-list celebrity.

Ghe­nea is now report­edly dat­ing Butler’s 300 co-star, 36-year-old Michael Fass­ben­der. The new rumored celebrity cou­ple report­edly trav­eled to New Zealand together back in Novem­ber, and it’s believed that he spent New Year’s Eve with Ghe­nea in her native Roma­nia. Fass­ben­der is allegedly set on keep­ing their new romance quiet for now, since it’s still fairly new. That’s sup­pos­edly why he didn’t bring her to the Golden Globe Awards that just passed—he brought his older sis­ter instead.

The age dif­fer­ence between Fass­ben­der and Ghe­nea is 11 years, which might sound like a lot until you com­pare it to the 19-year age dif­fer­ence between Ghe­nea and But­ler. Did Ghe­nea finally come to her senses about dat­ing a much older man?

What do you think: Who’s a hot­ter sugar daddy, Ger­ard But­ler or Michael Fassbender?


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