Is Katharine McPhee to Blame for Breaking Up This Sugar Daddy’s Marriage?

Sugar Baby Katharine McPhee Blame for Breaking Sugar Daddy MarriageEvery­one had a lot of ques­tions when the pic­tures sur­faced of for­mer Amer­i­can Idol star Katharine McPhee lock­ing lips with her Smash direc­tor Michael Mor­ris. Was it an affair? Are they dat­ing? Did they know every­one could see them?

We now have some pos­si­ble answers—it was prob­a­bly the sign of an illicit affair that no one was sup­posed to see, except for the fact they were mak­ing out in pub­lic in broad day­light. Nonethe­less, the scan­dalous celebrity cou­ple is report­edly pay­ing the price for it. It has already been revealed that McPhee, 29, was already sep­a­rated from her much older hus­band, 47-year-old Nick Cokas. While McPhee may be off the hook for cheat­ing, Mor­ris is in some pretty hot water because his wife was very much in the picture.

Mor­ris’ wife, actress Mary McCor­mack, kicked her cheat­ing hus­band out of their fam­ily home as soon as she found out about the pic­tures, which, accord­ing to one report, was well before the proof of his affair went pub­lic. Mor­ris allegedly knew about the illicit pic­tures before they were posted online and even tried to buy them him­self to avoid the scan­dal of their affair from being exposed. When he real­ized that his plan to buy his way out of infi­delity wouldn’t work, Mor­ris report­edly con­fessed to his wife and told her that the pho­tos would be sur­fac­ing soon.

McPhee, on the other hand, had no idea that the pic­tures of their affair even existed, and accord­ing to a friend, she only found out when they were e-mailed to her after being posted online for every­one else to see. “She is SO embar­rassed she was caught,” another source told Us Weekly. “She should have known better!”

We agree; McPhee def­i­nitely should have known bet­ter, espe­cially because she may now be respon­si­ble for break­ing up a family—her secret sugar daddy and his wife have three kids together. “He wants to keep the fam­ily together, but as far as Mary is con­cerned, it’s over,” an insider revealed, adding, “There’s no going back.”

What do you think: Would you ever take your man back if you caught him hav­ing an affair?


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