Is Kim Kardashian Losing Kanye West to This Younger Woman?

Even when you’re one of the most talked about celebrity cou­ples, you can’t escape the wrath of jeal­ousy. Kim Kar­dashian has solid­i­fied her celebrity sta­tus since get­ting together with rap icon Kanye West, and although the celebrity cou­ple is now engaged, Kar­dashian is report­edly jeal­ous because her husband-to-be is spend­ing a lit­tle too much time with another woman, and she’s much younger.

Kanye West has taken aspir­ing musi­cian, Pia Mia, under his wing as he pro­duces some of her new tracks. He believes she’s got what it takes to make it big and has taken it upon him­self to turn her into his “pro­tégé.” After all, Pia Mia can help make sure that he stays rel­e­vant with a younger audience.

But sources say Kim Kar­dashian isn’t pleased with how much time he’s spend­ing with the younger woman. Even though Kanye West has assured her that their rela­tion­ship is strictly pro­fes­sional, Kar­dashian is report­edly jeal­ous and offended that he’s been con­sult­ing Pia Mia instead of her on more of his projects.

Whether or not the rumor about this celebrity cou­ple is true, one thing is for certain—a lit­tle bout of jeal­ousy is all it takes to tear you and your older man apart. So, if you’re feel­ing inse­cure or hurt by some­thing he’s doing with another woman (or isn’t doing with you), don’t be afraid to voice your concerns.

What do you think: Would you be jeal­ous if your older man was work­ing with a beau­ti­ful younger woman, or is Kim Kar­dashian just overreacting?


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