Is Miley Cyrus Hooking Up with This Older Rock Star?

Miley Cyrus Hooking Older ManMiley Cyrus has been doing every­thing she can to prove to the world that she’s all grown up, from per­form­ing explicit dance moves wear­ing almost noth­ing, to pos­ing for raunchy photo shoots. She’s also been spot­ted get­ting up close and per­sonal with a few new celebrity guys, includ­ing music pro­ducer Mike WiLL Made It and Rolling Stone heir Theo Wen­ner. But it looks like she’s set her sights on a new man, and he’s a lot older.

Dressed in a reveal­ing Lil’ Kim ensem­ble, Cyrus, 20, spent Hal­loween night at a star-studded party in West Hol­ly­wood, where she met 34-year-old Good Char­lotte singer Benji Mad­den. Accord­ing to sev­eral sources, Cyrus and Mad­den hit it off right away and seemed “really into each other.” The rumored celebrity cou­ple was report­edly talk­ing and flirt­ing through­out the party, so much so that they were seen mak­ing out by the end of the night before leav­ing together. Although Cyrus report­edly tried to hide the fact that she was leav­ing with her new older man by stick­ing with a larger group, wit­nesses say it was pretty clear that the celebrity cou­ple was act­ing, well, like a couple.

Rather than hid­ing her new older man, Cyrus should have prob­a­bly wor­ried more about hid­ing the open bot­tle of alco­hol she was hold­ing, since she’s still under the legal drink­ing age in the U.S.

If her May-December rela­tion­ship with Mad­den doesn’t last—which, let’s be hon­est, prob­a­bly won’t—we’ve got a few other dat­ing sug­ges­tions for Cyrus. Click here to see our top picks for the five sugar dad­dies that Miley Cyrus should try dat­ing next.

One thing is for sure: Cyrus’ ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, is prob­a­bly count­ing his lucky stars that he got out when he did.

What do you think: Is Miley Cyrus too young and con­fused to be dat­ing an older man, or should she enjoy and make the most of it while she can?


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Photo Credit: Debby Wong /