Is P. Diddy Leaking His Own Sex Tape with a Much Younger Woman?

Sugar Daddy P. Diddy Leaking His Own Sex TapeAt the age of 44, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is the rich­est rap­per today, with an esti­mated for­tune of $580 mil­lion. So, it’s no won­der that he’s with a smok­ing hot younger woman, 27-year-old singer Cassie Ven­tura. The celebrity cou­ple has been dat­ing since 2007 and the recent word on the rumor mill is that they’ve already secretly got­ten engaged.

We might be see­ing a lot more of this celebrity cou­ple, because accord­ing to a new report, P.Diddy once made a sex tape with his younger sugar baby, and that sex tape is now being shopped around to the high­est bid­der. The video is report­edly pretty explicit and has been reviewed by the web site that’s mak­ing the claims about the leaked tape—they say that, with­out a doubt, it’s P.Diddy and Ven­tura doing the deed on screen.

There’s no word on where the leaked sex tape came from or how much it’s going for, but it’s allegedly being sold by sev­eral mys­tery men to who­ever is will­ing to fork up the most money for it.

When it comes to a sex tape, you can’t help but won­der how it pos­si­bly gets into the wrong hands and then “leaked.” This then raises the ques­tion of whether or not this is all a setup. Does a sex tape of this celebrity cou­ple even really exist? And if it does, is P. Diddy the one shop­ping it around to get their names in the head­lines? Con­sid­er­ing his sta­tus in the indus­try, he’s cer­tainly got the influ­ence to cause a stir with a so-called sex tape, espe­cially when the other par­tic­i­pant is a woman, an aspir­ing musi­cian nonethe­less, who’s 17 years younger than him and was once signed to his label.

What do you think: Have you ever (or would you ever) make a sex tape with your older man?


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