Is Sex on the First Date Really as Bad as You Think?

Is Sex on the First Date Really as Bad as You Think

Let’s be hon­est. In today’s day and age, wait­ing till after mar­riage to have sex is obso­lete for a lot of cou­ples. But how long are you sup­posed to wait to have sex in a new rela­tion­ship? It’s a ques­tion that has always plagued sin­gles, and sugar daddy/sugar baby rela­tion­ships aren’t any sim­pler. If it’s a given that sex is part of the rela­tion­ship, it can be hard for both par­ties to deci­pher when it’s the right time to get naughty.

If you go on a date with a sexy older man whom you expe­ri­ence an instant con­nec­tion with, and you know the feel­ing is mutual, should you have sex with him? Will he think you’re easy? On the other hand, if you don’t put out, will there be a sec­ond date?

Even though casual sex is a lot more com­mon today, young women still feel that they’ll be judged if they have sex on a first date. Cos­mopoli­tan mag­a­zine recently sur­veyed 1,000 read­ers and nearly 83% of women between the ages of 18 and 35 felt that their man would think less of a woman who is open to sex on day one, and almost 64% of the women admit­ted that they had wanted to have sex with a date after one meet­ing, but that they had opted to keep their pants on out of fear that it would give the guy the wrong idea.

Men, on the other hand, aren’t as judg­men­tal as us women make them out to be. Over 67% of male respon­dents said that they “absolutely don’t” think less of a date if she hops between the sheets after one date.

A lot of women also fear that if sex hap­pens too soon in the rela­tion­ship, it ruins their chances of sus­tain­ing a long-term arrangement—as the say­ing goes, “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?” If you’re just look­ing to have fun in your May-December rela­tion­ship, then it really doesn’t mat­ter if you sleep with your older man after one date or 10. But if you’re more inter­ested in some­thing seri­ous, it’s def­i­nitely some­thing to con­sider. But rest assured because, accord­ing to the sur­vey, 44.5% of women and 58.6% of men know cou­ples whose rela­tion­ship started by hav­ing sex after one date.

What do you think: If you’re a woman, would you think badly about a man who wants to have sex on the first date? If you’re a man, would sex on the first date change your impres­sion of the woman?


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