Is Sylvester Stallone’s Young Wife, Jennifer Flavin, Defending His Racial Slur?

Sugar DFaddy Sylvester Stallone’s Young Wife Jennifer Flavin

Sugar DFaddy Sylvester Stallone’s Young Wife Jennifer FlavinA May-December rela­tion­ship, or any rela­tion­ship for that mat­ter, will only work if both par­ties stand by each other through thick and thin. That means sup­port­ing them even when they may be wrong. That’s exactly what Sylvester Stallone’s young wife, 45-year-old Jen­nifer Flavin, is doing.

It isn’t often that we hear from Flavin, but when her celebrity hus­band found him­self in hot water with the media, she was quick to jump to his defense. The 67-year-old actor recently came under fire after he hurled what appeared to be a racial slur at paparazzi who were try­ing to snap pic­tures of him in Bev­erly Hills. As he’s walk­ing past them, it sounds like Stal­lone is say­ing, “This f***ing n****r here, this f****r.” You can even hear one reporter in the video reply, “Why the racial slur?”

Stallone’s rep later addressed the reports that he used the n-word, clar­i­fy­ing that what he actu­ally said was, “f***ing idiot.” Other peo­ple also stepped for­ward to defend the celebrity, includ­ing Flavin, who refuses to believe her hus­band would use the offen­sive word in ques­tion. “He’s never said it. I’ve been with him 25 years. He would never use that word,” she told TMZ. “It’s not a mis­un­der­stand­ing. He never said it.”

Stallone’s wife also added that her hus­band is a “good guy” and that this whole ordeal has been “very hurt­ful.” Talk about stand­ing up for your man!


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