Is This TV Star the Worst Celebrity Sugar Daddy?

TV Star the Worst Celebrity Sugar DaddyMove over Char­lie Sheen, there’s another sleazy celebrity sugar daddy out there and he might just be worse! Burn Notice star Seth Peter­son, 43, allegedly bailed on his wife, actress Kylee Cochran, after 12 years of mar­riage to play house with the 22-year-old sugar baby he was hav­ing an affair with. To add salt to the wound, Cochran was three months preg­nant with their third kid when she found out about Peterson’s young sugar baby. Cochran is also accus­ing Peter­son of abus­ing drugs.

Now, at seven months preg­nant, Peterson’s wife is fil­ing for a divorce. She’s ask­ing for full cus­tody of the kids, both legal and phys­i­cal. But here’s the kicker: she’s claim­ing that her soon-to-be ex-husband is per­fectly fine with this arrange­ment, because he report­edly has no prob­lem giv­ing up all of his cus­to­dial rights. Sur­pris­ingly, Cochran is will­ing to arrange for vis­i­ta­tion rights if he wants them, but only with super­vi­sion because of his sup­posed his­tory with drugs.

There’s no word on who Peterson’s sugar baby is, or if they’re still even together. But from the sounds of it, he’s will­ing to do any­thing to be with her, even if that means walk­ing away from his wife and three kids for good. Peter­son has yet to com­ment on the divorce or the affair accusations.

What do you think: Who’s the worst celebrity sugar daddy, Char­lie Sheen or Seth Peterson?


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