Is Tori Spelling Really to Blame for Her Husband, Dean McDermott, Cheating with a Younger Woman?

Dean Mcdermott Cheating  Tori SpellingWhen a mar­ried man cheats, do you bite the bul­let and call it quits, or do what­ever you can to fix the bro­ken mar­riage? For Tori Spelling, whose hus­band, Dean McDer­mott, was recently accused of hav­ing an affair with a much younger woman, end­ing the mar­riage is out of the question.

The celebrity couple’s mar­riage, which actu­ally first started as an affair, has been rest­ing on the edge of destruc­tion since the rumors of McDermott’s affair sur­faced. Although he didn’t directly admit to cheat­ing, McDer­mott pub­licly apol­o­gized for his “mis­takes” and for hurt­ing his fam­ily. He also vol­un­tar­ily checked him­self into a treat­ment facil­ity for “health and per­sonal issues.” Rumor has it that McDer­mott is being treated for sex addiction.

So, what does this mean for his wife? Spelling seems to be sup­port­ing McDer­mott through rehab, but not with­out par­tially blam­ing her­self for him seek­ing out an affair—she sup­pos­edly thinks after hav­ing four kids together, she let the sexy spark in their mar­riage fall to the way­side and that’s why he strayed. “[McDer­mott] has always been keen on hav­ing a very active and imag­i­na­tive sex life,” one insider told Peo­ple, adding that Spelling “always made their sex life one of her top pri­or­i­ties.” But it’s hard man­ag­ing an active sex life when you’ve got four kids, all under the age of seven. Nonethe­less, Spelling is report­edly plan­ning to get a “major makeover” to help revive their marriage.

Another rea­son Spelling may not be push­ing for a divorce after the alleged affair is sim­ply because she can’t afford it. The celebrity cou­ple has had finan­cial trou­bles in the past, and Spelling is said to be wor­ried that if she goes through with a divorce, she’ll end up broke, espe­cially since the celebrity cou­ple never signed a prenup before they got married.

What do you think: Is chang­ing your appear­ance enough to fix a bro­ken marriage?


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