James Woods Unveils His New Girlfriend…And She’s 46 Years Younger Than Him

Actor James Woods, 66, arrived at the New York pre­miere for his new movie, White House Down, wear­ing more than just a suit and a smile—he had a young lady on his arm too. The younger woman was 20–year-old Kris­ten Bau­guess, Woods’ new girl­friend. Although it raised some eye­brows, Woods had no prob­lem walk­ing the red car­pet with his sugar baby. They even donned color-coordinated outfits.

Woods prob­a­bly didn’t mind the extra atten­tion because dat­ing a younger woman really isn’t any­thing new for him. It’s only been a cou­ple of months since he broke up with his last girl­friend, Ash­ley Madi­son, after seven years together. She was the daugh­ter of one of his golf­ing bud­dies, and when they first started dat­ing offi­cially, he was 59 and she was only 19. The media gave her a lot of a slack, posi­tion­ing her as a gold dig­ging sugar baby who was just using him to get ahead. Woods always defended their age dif­fer­ence, her char­ac­ter, and their relationship.

Bau­guess has already been sub­jected to the same media scrutiny, espe­cially since just a few weeks ear­lier, she was arrested on two felony charges—possession of mar­i­juana and pos­ses­sion of a con­trolled substance—as well as three mis­de­meanor charges: speed­ing, dri­ving an unreg­is­tered vehi­cle, and switch­ing license plates.

What do you think: Is Kris­ten Bau­guess just using James Woods to get out of a sticky sit­u­a­tion, or could this actu­ally be the start of a seri­ous relationship?

  • richcom133

    I won­der what he paid her to do this service.??