Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 20-Year Age Difference

Jason Statham Sugar Daddy and Rosie Huntington

Jason Statham Sugar Daddy and Rosie HuntingtonWhen you hear the name Jason Statham, the first things that come to mind are prob­a­bly guns, explo­sions, and a whole lot of butt kicking—all the mak­ings of an action hero.

After a career of pro­fes­sional div­ing and mod­el­ing, Statham landed his first role in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 thriller Lock, Stock and Two Smok­ing Bar­rels. The shady con–artist char­ac­ter was a per­fect fit for the actor, who had pre­vi­ously worked as a sales­man in the black mar­ket. The film was a hit, instantly launch­ing Statham’s suc­cess­ful career as one of Hollywood’s lead­ing action stars. The 45-year-old actor has since starred in mem­o­rable titles, like The Ital­ian Job, Trans­porter, The Expend­ables, and the highly-anticipated sequel Fast and Furi­ous 7.

For a lot of younger women, there’s some­thing kind of sexy about an older man with a dark, brood­ing, tough-guy image, even if it’s a char­ac­ter in a movie—it’s cer­tainly worked for Statham. Although he has kept a low pro­file, espe­cially con­cern­ing his per­sonal life, it was hard not to take notice when he stepped out in pub­lic for the first time with his much younger girl­friend, Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whom you might rec­og­nize from her debut appear­ance in the film Trans­form­ers: Dark of the Moon.

Many peo­ple ques­tioned what a 26-year-old model and a 45-year-old actor could pos­si­bly have in common—he does crazy stunts in action-packed block­busters, and she mod­els fash­ion and lin­gerie on run­ways and in inter­na­tional mag­a­zines. But Huntington-Whiteley recently revealed the secret to their suc­cess, even with their age dif­fer­ence: they make each other laugh. It prob­a­bly doesn’t hurt that they’re two very attrac­tive people.

Despite the sig­nif­i­cant age gap, this celebrity cou­ple has man­aged to main­tain a healthy rela­tion­ship for more than three years now. They just rein­force the idea that not all rela­tion­ships are based on age. Whether you’re two years or two decades apart, the impor­tant thing is find­ing some­one that gen­uinely makes you happy, like Huntington-Whiteley did with her older beau Statham.