Jeff Goldblum to Be a First-Time Dad at 62

Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingstonin Expecting Child

Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston expecting first childJeff Gold­blum, 62, tends to fly under the paparazzi radar, so a lot of peo­ple seemed to miss the news that he mar­ried 32-year-old gym­nast Emi­lie Liv­ingston in Novem­ber 2014. Now, less than three months after start­ing their age gap mar­riage, the celebrity cou­ple has announced that they’re expect­ing their first child. In fact, the actor revealed that his younger wife gave him the big news at the most unex­pected time: “She told me the day before we got mar­ried that she’s preg­nant.” The celebrity cou­ple is expect­ing a baby boy in the sum­mer of 2015.

Jeff Gold­blum has never shied away from gush­ing about his age gap rela­tion­ship with Emi­lie Liv­ingston. In a 2013 inter­view, he said, “I’m happy as a clam with her. I feel lucky, lucky, lucky.” And the age dif­fer­ence hasn’t impacted how oth­ers view their rela­tion­ship either. “When peo­ple meet Emi­lie, they say she’s mag­i­cal and very sweet and they’re happy for me.”

Goldblum’s wife seems equally happy with their age gap mar­riage. On the day of their wed­ding, the for­mer Olympian shared a can­did photo via Insta­gram of her putting the fin­ish­ing touches on her wed­ding dress. The cap­tion with the photo read, “Just before I said I do to the man of my dreams! Wish I could turn back time and relive this day again…”

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