How We Know Johnny Depp Is Head Over Heels for a Woman Who’s Almost Half His Age

Johnny Depp Is Head Over Heels for a WomanJohnny Depp, 50, has arguably become one of the most famous celebrity sugar dad­dies, thanks to his May-December rela­tion­ship with 27-year-old actress Amber Heard. Although many have spec­u­lated that this celebrity cou­ple won’t last because she’s just using him for his fame and for­tune, Depp is try­ing to prove that he’s in it for the long haul.

The actor is report­edly look­ing for a house for both of them near East Lon­don, where Heard is film­ing her next movie, just so that he can be closer to her while she’s work­ing. Depp will also be doing a film in Lon­don, but on the other side of town. Nonethe­less, he’s tak­ing full advan­tage of finally get­ting to work in the same city. Accord­ing to a source, he’s doing the “gen­tle­manly thing” and set­tling down closer to where she is, despite it being an incon­ve­nient com­mute for him.

Heard also seems to be putting in the effort. She was recently spot­ted accom­pa­ny­ing her older man to a trib­ute event for the Ramones’ gui­tarist, Johnny Ramone. When the punk band was at their peak in the 70s, Heard wasn’t even born yet.

Depp and Heard’s May-December rela­tion­ship has received quite a bit of scrutiny, since it was rumored that they started dat­ing while he was still involved with his long­time girl­friend and the mother of his kids, Vanessa Par­adis. It was also rumored that Heard dumped her girl­friend (Heard is an open bisex­ual) to be with Depp. But despite the rumors, Heard refuses to address their rela­tion­ship directly. She has skirted around the topic, though. “Going into rela­tion­ships is just as dif­fi­cult as com­ing out of them. I have never been in the sit­u­a­tion where the two have over­lapped. I can’t imag­ine how dif­fi­cult that would be,” she said in an inter­view with The Edit. She also admit­ted that there’s a dif­fer­ence between hid­ing and being pri­vate about her life. “I watched peo­ple around me suc­cumb to hid­ing and hid­ing denotes shame,” she said, adding, “I feel, and felt, zero shame. We all love who we love; we don’t choose it.”

What do you think: Is Johnny Depp invest­ing too much in his rela­tion­ship with Amber Heard, or are they seri­ous about each other?


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Photo Credit: Fea­ture­flash /  (Amber Heard), Jaguar PS / (Johnny Depp)