Kate Gosselin Having an Affair with a Married Older Man?

Sugar Baby Kate Gosselin Having an AffairKate Gos­selin isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight—she’s more likely to run right into it. The 39-year-old mother of eight, who found fame after star­ring in the TLC series Jon & Kate Plus 8, has been known to do just about any­thing to try and stay on top, includ­ing mak­ing some ques­tion­able deci­sions. That’s why we’re not sur­prised to hear that she’s involved in yet another scandal.

For years, Kate Gos­selin has been rumored to be hav­ing an affair with her older body­guard, 51-year-old Steve Neild, who’s mar­ried with two grown kids. She’s always main­tained that their rela­tion­ship is strictly pro­fes­sional, but now there’s proof that the affair rumors might actu­ally be true, because Gos­selin has report­edly been shar­ing a hotel suite with the older man while she films Celebrity Appren­tice.

Steve Neild was first hired back in 2008 to pro­tect the Gos­selin kids while they filmed the TLC series. But the show ended, as did the Gos­selins’ mar­riage, but the older man has since stuck around as Kate Gosselin’s per­sonal body­guard. And accord­ing to insid­ers, the rumored cou­ple is inseparable.

Even her ex-husband, Jon Gos­selin, thinks that the rumors about their affair scan­dal are true. “Steve and Kate would have one room and the kids would have a sep­a­rate room when they trav­eled,” he told In Touch. “It’s not a work sit­u­a­tion. I have always thought they were together.”

After a failed mar­riage and eight kids, maybe Kate Gos­selin is try­ing her luck with an older man. After all, her ex-husband was younger than her, and look how well that turned out. In any case, she might have bet­ter luck if she found some­one who didn’t already have a wife at home, not to men­tion some­one whom she didn’t have to pay to stick around.

One of the biggest ben­e­fits of dat­ing an older man is to be with some­one who’s got the money and means to spoil you and treat you like a queen. It kind of takes away the nov­elty of it when your older man is on your pay­roll. Although, we have to admit that if they are really hav­ing an affair, the body­guard cover-up is pretty clever.

What do you think: Would you ever date a mar­ried man?


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Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com