Katharine McPhee Files for Divorce After Cheating on Her Older Husband, Nick Cokas

Katharine McPhee Files for DivorceAfter she was caught hav­ing an affair with her Smash direc­tor, Michael Mor­ris, actress Katharine McPhee, 30, tried to save her mar­riage to Nick Cokas, who’s 19 years older. The celebrity cou­ple qui­etly sep­a­rated after the affair scan­dal sur­faced, but it seemed like their May-December rela­tion­ship was back on track when insid­ers revealed that they were spend­ing almost all their time together to try and work on their marriage.

Their efforts were obvi­ously futile, because the celebrity cou­ple is headed for a divorce. “After six years of mar­riage, and hav­ing been sep­a­rated for the past year, Katharine McPhee has filed for a dis­so­lu­tion of mar­riage from Nick Cokas,” her rep told Peo­ple, of course adding that their rela­tion­ships remains ami­ca­ble and that they’ll con­tinue to be friends.

This celebrity couple’s divorce was a long time com­ing, and it’s prob­a­bly for the best, espe­cially since they were report­edly sep­a­rated before Katharine McPhee’s affair with Michael Mor­ris. If that’s the case, her mar­riage to Nick Cokas was doomed before the other man entered the pic­ture. As one insider put it, Cokas and McPhee had “just grown apart and weren’t right for reach other anymore.”

Although there’s 19 years between Nick Cokas and Katharine McPhee, their age dif­fer­ent prob­a­bly didn’t have any­thing to do with their mar­riage fail­ing. In fact, McPhee has said in the past that she’s always been drawn to older men. “I grav­i­tated toward them, and I love them,” she told Stuff mag­a­zine. “They’re just wiser, and they’re less about them­selves and more about you.”

What do you think: Is it pos­si­ble to save a mar­riage after one of the spouses has an affair?


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Photo Credit: Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com