Katharine McPhee Shows Us How to Get Your Older Husband Back After You Publicly Cheat on Him

Katharine McPhee Cheat Older HusbandWould you take your part­ner back after they were caught hav­ing an affair? What if they were spot­ted kiss­ing some­one else, like a coworker, in pub­lic in broad daylight?

Not too long ago, Amer­i­can Idol alumna, Katharine McPhee, 29, was caught mak­ing out with her Smash direc­tor, Michael Mor­ris. After their affair was revealed, McPhee’s much older hus­band, 48-year-old pro­ducer Nick Cokas, wanted to end their mar­riage and the celebrity cou­ple qui­etly separated.

How­ever, it looks like Cokas is will­ing to give his young wife a sec­ond shot, as the celebrity cou­ple is now report­edly try­ing to fix their May-December mar­riage. “They’re work­ing on their mar­riage and spend­ing a lot of time together,” an insider told Peo­ple. “They’re try­ing to start again.” McPhee even report­edly bought her older hus­band a Rolex watch to help ease the blow of her affair going public.

Michael Mor­ris was also mar­ried when he and McPhee had their affair, but his mar­riage to actress Mary McCor­mack is still believed to be on the rocks; she kicked him out of their fam­ily home as soon as the pic­tures of him with McPhee went pub­lic. Although the for­mer celebrity cou­ple hasn’t moved toward a divorce or legal sep­a­ra­tion, there’s no sign that they’ve rec­on­ciled either.

What do you think: Would you take your older man back after he was caught hav­ing an affair in public?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com