Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh, 25-Year Age Difference

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh Age Difference

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh Age DifferenceKelsey Gram­mer started his career in tele­vi­sion by mak­ing appear­ances in sev­eral C-list titles until he landed the role of a life­time in 1984 play­ing a straight-edge psy­chi­a­trist, Dr. Frasier Crane, in the sit­com Cheers. Gram­mer was report­edly only sup­posed to do six episodes, but his char­ac­ter ended up becom­ing part of the main cast, and Gram­mer held on to the role for the next nine years. Dr. Frasier Crane was the foun­da­tion of what would become a very suc­cess­ful career in tele­vi­sion for Gram­mer. Over the course of its 11-year, 11-season run, Cheers raked up over 100 Emmy nom­i­na­tions, tak­ing home 28 of the pres­ti­gious awards.

After Cheers ended, Gram­mer res­ur­rected his char­ac­ter in a spin-off sit­com, Frasier, which he also pro­duced. Frasier is still one of the most suc­cess­ful spin-offs in TV his­tory, with more Emmy wins than Cheers. Although Frasier even­tu­ally came to an end in 2004, Gram­mer con­tin­ued to pro­duce sev­eral pop­u­lar series, like Girl­friends, The Game, Medium, and most recently, Boss. He also spent 22 years voic­ing the char­ac­ter Sideshow Bob on the iconic ani­mated series The Simp­sons.

Gram­mer has had just as much drama off-screen, hav­ing been at the cen­ter of sev­eral scan­dals, includ­ing a sex tape and a drug and alco­hol addic­tion. His attrac­tion to younger women has also got­ten him in trou­ble. Two years after divorc­ing his first wife in 1990, Gram­mer mar­ried a strip­per who was 15 years younger than him. Their mar­riage only lasted a year, but within that short time, Gram­mer accused her of being abu­sive and try­ing to shoot him. When he tried to divorce her, she report­edly tried to com­mit sui­cide, result­ing in a miscarriage.

At 39, Gram­mer moved on with 28–year-old Tammi Alexan­der, whom he pro­posed to, but the pair never made it down the aisle. A cou­ple years later, he tried his luck with Play­boy model Camille Donat­acci, who was 13 years younger than him. But it turns out Donat­acci wasn’t quite young enough because Gram­mer ended up cheat­ing on her with some­one even younger—former air host­ess Kayte Walsh. Gram­mer and Walsh announced their engage­ment less than two months after Donat­acci filed for divorce. At the time, Gram­mer was 55 and Walsh was only 30.

The actor recently spoke out about his affair, and his regrets about how he han­dled the sit­u­a­tion. “I was try­ing to pre­tend things were nor­mal for the sake of let­ting [Donat­acci] have that moment,” he admit­ted on the talk show Ander­son Live. “It was the wrong deci­sion and I should have come home from Eng­land when I first met Kayte and just said, ‘Lis­ten, I’ve met some­body and this hasn’t been work­ing for a long time.’ I regret not doing that.”

That being said, Gram­mer has no regrets about hook­ing up with Walsh. “Kayte’s a woman that knows how to love,” he said of his cur­rent wife.

There’s a per­son in my life that looks on me as some­one that’s impor­tant, that she doesn’t wanna live with­out. That’s just an extra­or­di­nary thing.”

Whether it’s an ego boost for Gram­mer or true love, the cou­ple seems to be happy. In 2012, Gram­mer became a father for the fifth time when Walsh gave birth to their daughter.


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