Top 10 Tips for Instant Fame — Kevin Federline Style

Kevin Federline’s mar­riage to pop queen Brit­ney Spears deserves a flash­back, because it turned K-Fed into the epit­ome of instant stardom.

1. Shawty got low!

Kevin as Backup Dancer

Start as a backup dancer to famous pop stars. Kevin Federline’s jour­ney to star­dom was a quick rise from being just a backup dancer.

2. A sta­ble mar­riage? To a not so sta­ble celebrity.

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears Wedding


Sta­ble mar­riage or not, K-fed took a leap to a sta­ble star­dom! His mar­riage to Brit­ney Spears, grabbed him more fame like no other. The pop singer’s backup dancer, rose to fame like instant coffee.

3. Work hard, party K-fed style!

Kevin  Federline and Britney Spears Chaotic

What could bring you overnight fame, than your very own real­ity show! Fans couldn’t ask for more, since the new star served his per­sonal life on a real­ity show platter.

4. Baby luck!

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears Children

Kevin is a proud daddy of six chil­dren! Baby luck sure does seem to work for him. He has a girl and a boy with ex Shar Jack­son, two boys with Brit­ney and two girls with wife Vic­to­ria Prince.

5. Mov­ing on to new heights…

Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince

Get­ting a pricey divorce, turned all K-Fed fans to favour Brit­ney. But a smart backup dancer knows his game well. Marry the next hot blonde, make more babies and bam! you’re at the top of the fame ladder.

6. I’m an atten­tion seeker!

Kevin Federline Ruins Mansion

Kevin Fed­er­line leaves out no oppor­tu­nity to rise to star­dom. Screw up a rented man­sion worth mil­lion and refuse to pay rent — because you’re a “celebrity”. K-Fed surely knows how to steal the show.

7. Wres­tle your way to the top!

Kevin Federline And John Cena

Kevin’s attempt to wres­tle (like a girl) WWE cham­pion John Cena, worked quite in his favour. Well John did let the fame struck dancer win.…

8. Rap­ping it up.

Rapper Kevin Federline

Like once said — “Keep it sassy, always classy, never trashy” Kevin Fed­er­line is one ‘good-lookin’ rap­per. With his rap­ping skills at bay, he sure seems to finds a way to instant fame.

9. Good Publicity.

Kevin Federline And Sons

Britney’s uniden­ti­fied intox­i­ca­tion, opened doors to heaven for Kevin. He imme­di­ately filed for legal cus­tody of the kids, (as he lost them once) and won, but also got a golden oppor­tu­nity for good spot light.

10. Instant fame, Instant shame!

Chris Federline and Britney Spears

Chris Fed­er­line, brother of “famous” Kevin Fed­er­line, claims Brit­ney to have stolen from him. Kevin climbed down the fame lad­der as things went out­ra­geous. His brother claimed to be the true father his eldest son — Sean Pre­ston Federline.