Kim Kardashian Dates an 81-Year-Old Man For Half a Million Dollars (and How She Screwed It Up Royally)

Sugar Baby Kim Kardashian Dates Old ManHow much money would it take to con­vince you to go on a date with a bil­lion­aire who’s more than dou­ble your age? For Kim Kar­dashian, all it took was $500,000. The 33-year-old real­ity star was invited to attend the Vienna Opera Ball as the per­sonal guest of 81-year-old Richard Lugner, and in return, the Aus­trian busi­ness­man gave her a fat check for half a million.

Richard Lugner is known for pay­ing big money to a dif­fer­ent female celebrity every year to be his arm candy for the annual event. But unfor­tu­nately, the arrange date with Kim Kar­dashian didn’t go quite as well as he had hoped, because she failed to meet his expectations.

Kim is annoy­ing me because she’s not stick­ing to the pro­gram,” Richard Lugner told reporters. Kar­dashian, who usu­ally loves to be in the spot­light, was said to be dodg­ing the older man because she didn’t want him around for the film­ing of her real­ity show, Keep­ing Up with the Kar­dashi­ans. “The guest should be with me and not any­where else that is not agreed upon,” said Lugner.

He also wasn’t impressed with the fact that she refused to dance with him after he announced in a press con­fer­ence that his date for the evening would be join­ing him on the dance floor. That’s not too much to ask, con­sid­er­ing how much money he’s pay­ing her.

Accord­ing to Kim Kar­dashian how­ever, the dis­as­trous date wasn’t all her fault. She report­edly told her peo­ple that the rich older man was being too aggres­sive with her, grab­bing her and even ask­ing her to ditch her secu­rity so that they could be alone for a while.

That wasn’t all—Kim Kar­dashian was also incred­i­bly offended by a man work­ing at the event; he report­edly approached her wear­ing black­face and imper­son­ated her famous fiancé, Kanye West. She ended up ditch­ing her date and leav­ing the event about half an hour later.

What do you think: Would $500,000 be enough to con­vince you to go on a date with an 81-year-old?


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