Lindsay Lohan Has a Risky Reunion with Her Former Sugar Daddy

Sugar Baby Lindsay Lohan With Former Sugar DaddyAll eyes have been on Lind­say Lohan since she came out of rehab for sub­stance abuse less than a month ago. Although she’s never looked bet­ter, she’s been mak­ing some ques­tion­able choices that may put her right back in rehab, if not worse. Lohan was recently spot­ted on a shop­ping date with her for­mer sugar daddy, 41-year-old bil­lion­aire hotel devel­oper Vikram Chat­wal. Nor­mally, we wouldn’t have any issue with this sce­nario. But hang­ing out with Chat­wal can be espe­cially pre­car­i­ous for Lohan because her sugar daddy has had his share of rehab stints—at least four since 2009, to be exact. And he’s partly to blame for her get­ting into drugs in the first place.

Chat­wal was arrested in April 2013 after he was caught try­ing to board a plane with a stash of cocaine, heroin, mar­i­juana, and sev­eral pre­scrip­tion pills, includ­ing ket­a­mine, oth­er­wise known as a date rape drug. He got out of going to jail by com­plet­ing in-patient rehab instead.

Since being released from rehab her­self, Lohan has assured her friends and fam­ily that she’s cut out all of the toxic peo­ple in her life so that she can focus on sobri­ety, but her old sugar daddy is prob­a­bly one of the most toxic influ­ences. How­ever, Lohan is under the impres­sion that reunit­ing with her for­mer sugar daddy is actu­ally a good thing because of his old drug habit. She feels like because Chat­wal has been through rehab and is also a recov­er­ing addict, he’s good company—they can lean on each other for support.

Lohan’s father is sid­ing with his daugh­ter in her deci­sion to reunite with her sugar daddy, despite slam­ming Chat­wal in the past. “I trust Lindsay’s judg­ment,” her father said after see­ing the pair together. “Lind­say vets every­one around her and I’ve spo­ken with Vikram, my son Michael has spo­ken to him and he’s not going to be involved with her and drugs anymore.”

What do you think: Do you think Lind­say Lohan reunit­ing with her for­mer addict sugar daddy will be help­ful or haz­ardous to her recovery?


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