Lindsay Lohan’s Shocking Confession—Did She Really Sleep with All the Famous Men on Her Celebrity Sex List?

Remem­ber that infa­mous list, sup­pos­edly penned by Lind­say Lohan her­self, of 36 famous men she’s had sex with? The sex list included big celebrity names, many of whom are much older, like retired base­ball player Jamie Burke, 42, and actors Colin Far­rell, 37, and Joaquin Phoenix, 39. Other pop­u­lar celebrity names included James Franco, Justin Tim­ber­lake, Adam Levine, and eve the late Heath Ledger.

When Lind­say Lohan’s sex list was leaked back in March 2014, we weren’t 100% sold that it was authentic—just another pub­lic­ity stunt maybe—but it turns out that the list was very real, because Lohan has admit­ted that she did in fact write it herself.

In the sea­son finale of her docu-series on the OWN net­work, Lind­say Lohan revealed that cre­at­ing the list was part of her rehab treat­ment; she was sup­posed to pro­vide her spon­sor with a “sex­ual inven­tory.” Lohan believes that the sex list, which was writ­ten in her Betty Ford book, was leaked by some­one who once helped her move some belong­ings out of a hotel. Upon spot­ting the list of celebrity names, they decided to snap a photo and leak it to the press, despite the dam­age and humil­i­a­tion it would cause.

Lind­say Lohan said she thinks she knows who did it, but that the per­son in ques­tion no longer part of her life. “That is a des­per­ate human being and I hope they find some peace,” said the 27-year-old actress. “Because any­one that’s will­ing to do that to some­one else is really f*cked up in the head. And I don’t want that in my life.”

She also admit­ted that she feels bad about the sex list going pub­lic, since many of the men men­tioned in it are now in very com­mit­ted rela­tion­ships, and since there’s no men­tion of when the hookups hap­pened, the leaked infor­ma­tion could pose a seri­ous threat. “I don’t care about me in that sit­u­a­tion,” said the trou­ble actress. “I care about the peo­ple that are involved with other peo­ple because it’s really unfor­tu­nate and disrespectful.”

Aside from James Franco, who denied that he ever had sex with Lind­say Lohan, none of the other celebri­ties on the list have really com­mented on it.

What do you think: Would you ever cre­ate your own “sex­ual inventory”?


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