Looking For a Sugar Daddy? Here’s How to Use a Beautiful Woman to Find a Rich Older Man For Yourself

Kate was a model, tal­ent scout, and good friend of mine. She had a lot of con­nec­tions to some of the most pre­car­i­ous of char­ac­ters, and as a good friend of hers, I was privy to some of the finest eats, cloth­ing, and men in town.

I met Kate by respond­ing to one of her tal­ent scout­ing ads for mod­els of petite sizes. Being fresh on my own and want­ing to do some­thing more inter­est­ing than work­ing at the bar, this seemed like an ideal fit and friend­ship. Kate was 12 years older than me, petite, blonde, and very smart.

When we first met over cof­fee, we hit it off right away. She could sym­pa­thize with my sit­u­a­tion, as she her­self had enjoyed many sugar dad­dies of her own, often two or three at the same time. How­ever, she always main­tained her own res­i­dence and was com­pletely absti­nent from sex with any of them. I was baf­fled and intrigued. Every­thing she had described was fas­ci­nat­ing and familiar.

Even­tu­ally, the day of the infa­mous photo shoot arrived; we were both going to be pin-up girls in a classy, semi-nude lin­gerie shoot. There was Kate and I, plus sev­eral other girls. Kate was run­ning the show and mod­el­ing in the cat­a­logue. I was enam­ored with her, and she with me. She sensed my vul­ner­a­bil­ity at times and took me under her wing. She taught me every­thing she knew before retir­ing to sunny Florida. That included Michael.

The pho­to­shoot was at Michael’s estate. Kate and Michael had an arrange­ment at one point, but by this time, they were just casual friends. Michael’s estate was mas­sive, sprawl­ing even. The long dri­ve­way was lined with beau­ti­fully man­i­cured trees, a pool house, and a heated pool with a div­ing board. There were two mas­sive homes, each being 5,000 square feet, with mul­ti­ple lev­els and kitchens, hard­wood and mar­ble floor­ing, a two-storey foyer, six fire­places, a steam room, two gyms, and a 10-car garage that housed many of Michael’s toys.

I relied heav­ily on Kate through this shoot, as it was one of my first. She assured me it would be fun and there wouldn’t be any pry­ing eyes or pres­sure from guys, because it was just us girls and the pho­tog­ra­pher. What Kate didn’t know was that, prior to our sched­uled shoot, Michael had installed an interior/exterior cam­era sys­tem and was watch­ing the entire time. That’s right, instead of being down­town, Michael was hid­ing some­where on his estate, watch­ing all the gig­gly, bub­bly, half-naked girls in their pinup style lingerie.

As any man would, he finally crashed the party, giv­ing hugs and kiss­ing the cheeks of each and every girl there, includ­ing me. Kate was sur­prised he was home, of course, but nonethe­less she intro­duced me to Michael as her close friend, and the rest of the girls as her clients.

For what­ever rea­son, Michael, with a twin­kle in his eye, took to me and Kate together. He jumped right in and directed the remain­der of the shoot, hav­ing no real solid knowl­edge of mod­el­ing poses at all. But the pic­tures turned out lovely. We were all paid hand­somely and were able to keep the cloth­ing we mod­eled. Michael, as it turned out, kept the video of the shoot as well.