Marc Anthony Talks Being “Ugly” and Dating Hot Younger Women—His Big Secret to Scoring

Marc Anthony Talks Being Ugly and Dating Hot Younger WomenLet’s be hon­est, Marc Anthony isn’t the most attrac­tive older man. And yet, the 45-year-old singer has been able to score with some very beau­ti­ful ladies, like his ex-wives Jen­nifer Lopez and Daya­nara Tor­res. Not to men­tion his many May-December rela­tion­ships with younger women, includ­ing Top­shop heiress Chloe Green, 22, and his most recent May-December romance with 26–year-old model Shan­non De Lima. How does Marc Anthony do it?

He says it’s all thanks to his father, who used to tell him grow­ing up, “Son, I’m ugly and you’re ugly—work on your per­son­al­ity.” Although it might sound like pretty harsh words of wis­dom com­ing from a father, Marc Anthony says it’s what equipped him with his secret weapon in not only his career, but his May-December rela­tion­ships, too—confidence.

I con­sider myself ugly, but charm­ing,” Anthony told a Miami radio host, adding that it’s all because he doesn’t lack con­fi­dence. “I’ve been able to do what I do for many years and I think I’m good at it. And that con­fi­dence and just being a good per­son over­all, I don’t rely on my looks to stand out.”

So, the next time you see older men dat­ing younger women, don’t just assume that she’s only with him for his money and sta­tus. Sure, Marc Anthony’s $40 mil­lion net worth might have some­thing to do with his pop­u­lar­ity with younger women, but May-December rela­tion­ships are often about more than just the money. Marc Anthony is the per­fect exam­ple of the power of personality.

What do you think: Would you date an older man if he wasn’t very attrac­tive, but had a very charm­ing personality?


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