Meet Our New Writer: Amber C

amber_profile_picAs a mar­ried mother of two kids, I don’t have much time for the bar scene any­more. Hell, I don’t have much time for any scene any­more. So, when a few months ago I was invited out for a cousin’s bach­e­lorette party, I hap­pily accepted.

The night started off at a local mar­tini bar, and that’s where I ran into a for­mer boss of mine. This man is a mar­ried, very suc­cess­ful lawyer, who has a drive that is unmatched by any man my age. We had a great rap­port, and there had been so much chem­istry between us, dur­ing all of our encoun­ters. And when I saw him that night in the bar, I could tell that noth­ing had changed.

After a few drinks, the bach­e­lorette wanted to move on with her ladies to a pop­u­lar club. I knew I would feel out of place at that club, and so Mr. Brown (as we’ll call him) offered to keep his eye on me and drive me home. His offer sur­prised me, but I told my cousin he was a for­mer coworker and that I felt safe with him. And I wasn’t sup­posed to be home for another two hours, so no harm no foul—right? Soon after the ladies left, Mr. Brown sug­gested that we take a drive to see his new condo, and then I remem­bered his black Bent­ley and I didn’t resist.

Here’s to see­ing what’s to come with Mr. Brown…