Met Your Sugar Daddy Online? There’s One Thing He Might Be Hiding

For younger women who are inter­ested in dat­ing a rich, older man, it isn’t uncom­mon to go online to find a good match—there are plenty of web sites out there designed to pair beau­ti­ful young women with the rich older men who want to spoil them. But have you ever looked at someone’s online dat­ing pro­file and won­dered how much of what you’re read­ing about them is actu­ally true?

Chances are a lot of them are fib­bing, at least about one thing in particular—kids—which is a very pos­si­ble piece of bag­gage that comes with dat­ing an older man. A sur­vey con­ducted by a dat­ing web site that sets rich men up with attrac­tive women found that one in three sugar dad­dies lie about whether or not they have kids. Of the 2,500 men sur­veyed, 32% admit­ted to lying about their kids, with the most com­mon lie (96%) being that they’ve never fathered a child.

The sur­vey didn’t delve into the rea­sons why these men lie about their kids, but there’s a good chance that it has a lot to do with fear—they’re afraid that if they reveal the truth, they’ll lose out on a poten­tial date.

Although older men (over 30) were less likely to lie about hav­ing kids than the younger ones, it’s still some­thing to keep in mind the next time you’re perus­ing an online dat­ing web site for a sugar daddy. If you’re look­ing to estab­lish a long-term rela­tion­ship with an older man, make sure you bring it up early—the last thing you want is to find out months into the rela­tion­ship that he’s got kids. Also make sure to ask him directly—don’t beat around the bush or sug­ar­coat it.

If you sus­pect that he might be lying, look for some of these com­mon cues:

• He skims over details of his life, or gets way too spe­cific (he may be overcompensating).

• When you bring up the topic of kids, he’ll always try to change the sub­ject or will avoid look­ing you in the eye.

• You’ve caught him lying before—if he’s lied about one thing, there’s a good chance he’s lying about other things too.

• Learn to trust your instincts—your gut feel­ing is usu­ally right.

What do you think: Would it be a deal breaker if you found out that the sugar daddy you met online is a real-life daddy?

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