Michael Jordan’s Younger Wife Wants Kids

Michael Jordan Sugar Daddy Younger Wife Wants KidsMichael Jor­dan, 50, mar­ried 34-year-old Yvette Pri­eto in April 2013, and accord­ing to one insider, she placed one big con­di­tion on the marriage—she wants kids. A source told a gos­sip web site that Pri­eto has ordered Jor­dan to reverse the vasec­tomy he report­edly had done sev­eral years ago, after his first mar­riage dissolved.

Although Pri­eto is already the step­mother to Jordan’s three adult chil­dren, she appar­ently wants kids of her own, despite the fact that her hus­band is so much older. “That was part of the deal of them get­ting mar­ried,” said the source. “Yvette was pretty adamant about hav­ing chil­dren with Mike.”

Jordan’s rep shot down the claims, say­ing that Jor­dan never had a vasec­tomy in the first place, but didn’t com­ment on the celebrity couple’s plans to have kids in the future.

Even if the story about this celebrity cou­ple isn’t entirely true, it raises a con­tentious point. When a younger woman mar­ries an older man, peo­ple tend to have mixed feel­ings about bring­ing kids into the equa­tion. While Pri­eto is at the per­fect age to have chil­dren, Jor­dan is past his prime par­ent­ing days. Think of it this way—if they had a kid today, Jor­dan would be clos­ing in on 70 when the kid turns 18. Age will even­tu­ally catch up to him and he may not make it long enough to see his youngest kid walk down the aisle.

If you’re dat­ing an older man, or even if you’re already mar­ried, it’s impor­tant to have the talk about kids. If you know that you even­tu­ally want to have kids and start a fam­ily with this man, then you need to take into con­sid­er­a­tion that if he’s sig­nif­i­cantly older, he may not be around for as long as a younger father would.

What do you think: Do you think it’s per­fectly accept­able to have kids after 50, or is it unfair to the child?


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